The First Workshop for the Applications of the Electronic System for postgraduate Studies Concludes its work

The College of Graduate Studies and the faculty of Mathematical Sciences organized a training workshop on the applications of the electronic system for postgraduate studies during the period from 31August to 2 September, which is organized by the Examinations and … Continued

The College of Graduate Studies Congratulates Dr. Osama Abbas with the Degree of professorship

The family of the Graduate College Congratulated Dr. Osama Abbas Mohi El-Din Al-Nuwairi, Head of the Admission and Registration Department at the College, on the occasion of obtaining the degree of  professorship in Agricultural Engineering at the faculty of Agricultural … Continued

The Vice Chancellor of the University Searching with the Iraqi Ambassador the Electronic Applying For the Iraqis in postgraduate Studies

The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Mohamed El Sanousi Mohammed,  received in his office this morning the Iraqi Ambassador to Sudan Hussein Al-Ghamdi and his accompanying delegation with the attendance of the deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Mohammed Babiker, Dean … Continued