Dean of Students’ Affairs celebrates the Eid al-Fitr with the Employees of Fadasi, Al-Hasahisa and Al Kamlin

The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmed Gasim al-Seed celebrated Eid al-Fitr to the family of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Al Kamlin. He congratulated the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gezira for its accreditation which … Continued

Department of Geography and History Association in Al-Hasahisa celebrates the 62nd Anniversary of Independence

The Association of Geography and History in the Faculty of Education Al-Hasahisa, celebrated the 62nd anniversary of independence of Sudan, under the slogan: “O my Country, live forever“, besides the reception of the students of the batch 40th, under the … Continued

The Quality Unit at the Faculty of Education Al-Hasahisa, delivers a Lecture on the Academic Regulations

The Quality and Accreditation Unit at the Faculty of Education Al-Hasahisa, organised a lecture on the academic regulations for University studies for the new teaching staff, presented by the Registration and Examinations Officer, Dr. Hasab al-Rasoul Gasmallah Ismail, in the … Continued

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