Council of the Institute of Horticultural Exports Authorizes the Establishment of a Department for the Breeding of Horticultural Crops

The council of the Institute of  Horticultural Exports, at its meeting today, approved the establishment of the Department of Horticultural Crops breeding at the Institute. Attended the session of the council the Minister of Production and Economic Resources Ustaz.  El-Hindi … Continued

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Wins with the Best Paper presented at the International Conference on Agriculture in Indonesia

Prof .Ahmed Merghani Abdul Rahman, from Agricultural Extension and Training Department, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, obtained the award of the  Best Paper presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Development, which organized by the Faculty of Agriculture … Continued

Recommendation on Establishment of Environmental Information Centre in Coordination with Universities of Gezira and Khartoum

A lecture entitled “Lack of Information on the Environment and Biodiversity in the Sudan, Impacts and Expectations“, recommended the establishment of the Environment Information Bank, the support of the Sudanese Society for Environmental Protection initiative, establishing the Centre of Environmental … Continued

A Group of Researchers review the Experiment of Vegetables Growing for Export at Tibia Association

A group of scientists at the University of Gezira from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the National Institute for the Promotion of Horticultural Exports, reviewed the experiment of Vegetable Growing, for export at Tibia Association in mid-December. The group … Continued

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