Training On The National Survey of schistosomiasis And Worms At The Blue Nile Institute For Communicable Diseases

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Professor Haxin Yu from Pusan National University, Republic of Korea, praised with the highly technical skills of technicians and laboratory assistants in screening samples for soil-transmitted intestinal worms, intestinal schistosomiasis and urine sedimentation for urinary schistosomiasis. Hackness had participated in … Continued

To Combat Corona .. The Blue Nile Institute For Communicable Diseases at University of Gezira, Organizes A Workshop Targeting Health Sector Employees

The Blue Nile Institute for Communicable Diseases at the University of Gezira organized a workshop on methods of infection control and the pandemic (Corona) which targeting (physicians, technicians, and nurses) in a number of hospitals and colleges. Ustaz. Rehab Abdullah … Continued

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