Acadmic Programs - Postgraduate

M.Sc. in Science In Health professions Education

Admission conditions:

The applicants for this programme should have MB.BS from university of Gezira or any equivalent university or B.Sc degree in any other relevant field in the health sector.

Duration of the Study:

The duration of the study is according to the academic regulations of the post - graduate Studies (2005 ).

Awarded Degree:

The University of Gezira Sennate awards the graduates M.Sc. degree in Health Professions education (HPE) after passing all the courses and scoring a CGPA of 3.00 or above and successfully completing the requirements of the research Dissertation. 9.2. Candidates who score a CGPA from 2.5 to less than 3 by the end of Semester two will be awarded a post- graduate diploma in (HPE )