Workshop on Gezira State Health Insurance II (1998) - 4/2/1998 12:00:00 AM- Education Development and Research Centre

The main contents were the presentations and discussion of the experience of health insurance in other Sudan states, setting the regulations, contents and implementation plan. There were 120 participants; they included Gezira State Wali, MOH officials, federal MOH officials, other states’ health insurance officials, faculties from FMUG. The steering committee consisted of 6 members. The main outcome was the development of a booklet that consisted of the necessary guidelines for implementation of Gezira state health insurance. The product was a comprehensive plan for health insurance in Gezira State; including the justifications, the objectives, the plan of action, the organization, the evaluation and the sponsorship. That plan of action was implemented and it made great success. It is now the main reference of health insurance in Gezira State and it has already been adopted by the Federal MOH at the main guide for health insurance in the whole country.