The Conclusion of the programming Competition Events for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The principle of the University of Gezira Dr. Badr Al-Din Al-Sunni, representative of the University’s Vice Chancellor, confirmed the adoption and support of student programs in various fields. This came when he honored the conclusion of the activities of the programming competition for electrical and electronics engineers which organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, University of Gezira Branch, in coordination with the Hydraulic research Center. Al-Sunni valued the efforts of the faculties of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Engineering and Technology and their active participation in the program, praising with the university’s mettle and activity and its openness to society, stressing his commitment and support to the winners of the 43 batch who did not complete the competition due to the exam conditions, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the participating parties represented by Nile Bank, The Hydraulic Research Center, the Sudanese Agricultural Bank and all the contributors to the success of the program. The Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation announced its support for activities that target students, create a spirit of positive competition among them, and open the opportunity for students to show their talents.  For his part, Eng. Director of the Development and Training Office at the Sudanese Engineers Association, founder of the Step Initiative for Teaching Programming at the University, Cities and Neighborhoods, Collaborator Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the University of Gezira  Hamid Mohamed El-Amin, explained that the competition is a global software that takes place worldwide, and is called the 24-hour challenge. For all those interested in programming, it presents a set of real problems facing software companies in the world.   Noting that the university participated in the year 2018 and is considered an incubator for universities in the middle sector, noting that the participation in the preparatory competition for the participating winners in the name of the University of Gezira will start on the twenty-third of next October, and the University of Gezira was represented by the faculties of Mathematical Sciences and Computer, Engineering and Technology ranked first among Universities and colleges participating in the state competition. cdExecutive Director of the Sudanese Youth Parliament for Water in the state,  Researcher Ali Mohamed Al-Hajj, said that the voluntary global youth organization is present in more than sixty countries around the world, and has been established in the state since 2019, and aims to empower young people to achieve the sixth goal of the sustainable development goals of ensuring safe access Water and sanitation for all, explaining that the sixth goal in Sudan works on three axes, including the axis of training and rehabilitation, partnership with similar agencies and institutions and the axis of direct interventions in the field of water .  In the end, gifts and certificates were presented to the winners of the programming competition for electrical and electronic engineers, as well as the contributors and participants in the program.