The Environment Department at the University of Gezira Celebrates with the World Environment Day

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira Prof. Mohamed Taha confirmed that the university presented a national project concerned with environmental sanitation in order to improve academic work, Addressing the Environment administration celebration of the World Environment Day under the motto“Restoring the Earth,” he said that a number of the university’s achievements it has a clear effort to  the environment administration. Referring to the remarkable development in the level of cleanliness and afforestation, he greeted the environmental workers and their high enthusiasm at work and their keenness on performance and improvment of work. Taha announced the removal of all obstacles to the progress of work in the Environment administration, in order to achieve the motto of restoring the earth.  The principle of the University Dr. Badr Al-Din Al-Sunni praised with the efforts of the Environment administration and the environmental reform processes which includes the various campuses and affirmed their support for the administration to implement all the requirements of the environment to achieve the motto “This land is ours. ajThe Director of the environment administration at the university Dr. Haitham Samir, said that “The motto of the celebration coincided with the policy of the university administration in protecting every inch of its lands.” He attributed this to the maximum benefit return to the university’s with benefit. He noted for what has been accomplished in terms of establishing fields, planting fruit trees and bundles of dairy trees in many different university campuses. The representative of the technicians,Ustaz.Yousif Al-Sheikh stressed the necessity to take down the celebratory motto to the ground for more planting of trees and fields, raising environmental awareness, reviewing sewage operations and removing waste to avoid transmissible diseases and greeted  the university administration’s concern for the environment.  The celebration was attended by  the Secretary of Scientific Affairs Dr. Mohamed El-Amin,  Dean of the faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences  Al-Hosh and a number of university directors.