University of Gezira crowned with the Title of the Universities Football Championship

University of Gezira crowned with the Title of the Universities Football Championship

The University of Gezira team, won the Championship of the Sixth Scientific, Sport and Cultural Universities, after winning a high and precious victory against Nyala University team 2-1.

The final match honoured by the presence of the Assistant President of the Republic, Major-General Abdul Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Sumaya Abu Kashawa, and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Abdul Karim Musa, where the match events competed on the turf of Khartoum Stadium.

University of Gezira team entered the match with strong determination, where the attacker Mohammed Babiker scored his first goal in the 14th minute and shortly before the end of the first half he managed to add the second goal for University of Gezira.

In the second half, the Nyala University team charged off with all its defensive weight in order to correct the result and their efforts to reduce the difference by a goal scored by the footballer Al-Hibir, by this goal, Nyala University team continued its defensive pressure, but the insistence and determination of the players of the University of Gezira team was stronger until the final whistle of the match, and the beginning of the joy of University of Gezira fans whom massively attended inside the stadium.

The Council of the Deans of University of Gezira, formed a massive presence inside the Khartoum Stadium, where Professor Mohammed El-Sanousi led the encouraging of the team from the main cabin alongside the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mohammed Babiker Al-Awad, the Principal of the University, Dr. Malik Al-Naim Mohammed Ali, the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed, and a number of deans of the faculties, directors of centers and departments.

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