Community College Promises the Funding of 37 Learners in Al-Mansi

Community College Promises the Funding of 37 Learners in Al-Mansi

The Dean of Community College at University of Gezira, Dr Al-Tayeb Makki Al-Jelani, announced the funding of 37 learners of the batch 16th, at Al-Hadaheed branch in Al-Mansi training course, Al-Hasahisa Locality, with funding limit ranging from 20-50 thousand SDG by the guarantee of the College. In addition to the provision of 20 scholarships to the youth of the region in the fields of mechanics and electricity.

This came during his speech today in the Graduation Carnival of the learners of Al-Mansi training course, under the slogan: (development and reform) after spending a period of 7 months, where they completed the requirements of study in the curriculum of the College, which consists: (Islamic studies, food and nutrition, aesthetics, and health and environment).

The Dean of the College praised the excellence of the academic exhibitions, which he said it reflects the acquired knowledge and skills, as well as the interaction of the people of the region with the programmes of the College, their interest in educating young people and the various stages of education. Which embodies the right beginning of every society, calling for the promotion of woman’s status and raising her capabilities as she considered as the mainstay of society.

The Head of Al-Hadaheed branch, Ali Abdallah, has called for the introduction of female graduates into social support funds and microfinance programmes to enhance their efforts to transform them into productive families, as well as to accommodate young people in programmes that deepen their social and economic contribution.

The programme of the ceremony included the delivery of certificates to the graduates of Zat-al-Nitagen Kindergarten in Al-Mansi region.

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