Faculty of Agricultural Sciences holds a Field Day

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences holds a Field Day

The Department of Crop Protection at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, in the presence of the Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr Adel Daif Allah, the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Dr Issam Adawi, and with the presence of a number of researchers at the University of Gezira, on the sixth of February 2018, held a Field Day for the protection of tomatoes without the use of pesticides, under the supervision of professor Adel Awad al-Jeed Abdullah, who used methods of farming combat by planting repellent plants such as coriander, fenugreek, fennel and garlic. This method showed positive results and high productivity, and also showed some varieties of tomatoes 60 fruit per plant.

Dr Adam Jad al-Seed, spoke about the Whitefly carrier of the virus of the disease that causes yellowing and wrinkling the leaves of tomatoes, which is the main threaten of the crop as mentioned by Dr Al-Shaffi Al-Hassan. Also Prof. Ahmed AL- Bashir, spoke about the insect Tuta Absoluta the invasive of tomato crop, which must be combated by innovating resistant varieties, which also mentioned by Prof. Ali Al-Amin Al-Jak, to confront the pests and diseases. Prof. Nabil Hamid Hassan Bashir, concluded the speech of How to Use Pesticide Security and Do Not Repeat Sprays, that is to avoid raising the resistance of lesions, also he spoke about the effect of accumulation of nitrates due to the excessive use of paper and granular fertilizers and stressed the need to use pesticides with a vegetable source.

There have been very useful interventions from Prof. Al-Tayeb Abdel Malik and Dr. Amir Abusin, who work at Agricultural Research Corporation, Integrated Combat Program, as well as Prof. Al-Kashif, other interventions from the employees of Gezira State Plant Protection and the traders of fertilizers and pesticides at Wad Medani Seeds Market.

It is worth mentioning that the attendance was diverse and included a distinguished group of people who interested in pests and plant diseases.

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