Council of Deans: Enhancement of Interest in the Student Registration Process

Council of Deans: Enhancement of Interest in the Student Registration Process

DSC_0550-300x200 DSC_0576-300x200 DSC_0565-300x200 DSC_0561-300x200 DSC_0558-300x200 DSC_0555-300x200 At the meeting of the Council of Deans last Sunday, which was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi, approved the proposal to name the gardens of Islamisation Knowledge Institute after Engr. Hassan Bashir, in honour of him for what he provided of excellent and unique services to this scientific institution.

The Chairman of the Council, urged to accelerate the distribution of the job description document to all universities through various means. He expressed his appreciation for what he said was an “innovative way” to plan the disbursement of money at the University, calling on the University’s budget committee to work out a schedule of meetings for the budget of the faculties, centres and institutes.

The Chairman of the Council, stressed the need to secure equipment for safe work in the towers of networking and not to take the work of any kind of risk without taking safety procedures in priority. Prof. El-Sanousi, announced that the MSc research of the Blue Nile Institute of Communicable Diseases won the award of the late Jamal Bashir Al Nifaidi: for the best annual research in malaria, in order to commemorate the deceased. He called for a workshop to organise the work of scientific research committees.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, called on the officials of the Students’ Welfare Fund and the Deanship of Students’ Affairs to lead a field tour through a working group for all the residential compounds to check on arrangements for the reception of students for this semester.

He stressed the need to enhance attention to the registration process to ensure the flow and control on a daily basis through the dean of the faculty, to distribute posters that showing the students the registration time specified for registration, paying fees and pulling out the form, along with the dates scheduled to start the half-term examination, and monitor the movement of attendance and dismissing through professors during the registration period.

Prof. El-Sanousi, point out to the participation of the University in the meeting of the Higher Council of University Hospitals and Medical Centres which headed by Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Sumaya Abu Kashwa, who disclosed the Ministry‘s serious efforts to establish an educational hospital in each university to contribute to the promotion of health services in the states. Stressing the role of university hospitals in training cadres and scientific research in the medical fields to provide qualified cadres at different levels, and lead the medical work through medical schools that spread throughout the Sudan.

The Council is one of the strongest links between the Federal Ministries of Health and Higher Education. Participants in the meeting called for the establishment of frameworks that ensure coordination and cooperation in the field of medical services with the Federal Ministry of Health and State ministries.

The Council was formed last September by a decision taken by the First Vice President of the Republic and the Head of the National Council of Ministers, Bakri Hassan Saleh, which headed by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its Rapporteur the Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health and other members. It is authorised to establish and operate the hospitals and medical centres of the University, and to work on its management and the formulation of public policies for its work.

Prof. El-Sanousi, stressed that this Council is one of the most important councils at the level of the State in terms of organising the order of the university hospitals and helping them meet the needs of training and the establishment of new hospitals, updating the existing ones and ensuring management.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, also mentioned their participation in the meeting of the Higher Education Finance Committee, which headed by the Minister of Higher Education. The committee consists of the universities of Gezira, Khartoum, Sudan, Neelain, and Omdurman, as well as other agents of the central ministries, the Attorney General, the Ministry of Finance and others.

He pointed out that the meeting discussed the financial and accounting regulations for the institutions of higher education and scientific research, and the draft regulations for the service of teaching staff in the institutions of higher education for the year 2017. El-Sanousi, said that the issuance of a unified financial and accounting for institutions of higher education is a very bold step to determine one pattern of similar government institutions in financial activity.

The Principal of the University, Dr. Malik Al-Naeem, disclosed the exit of higher education institutions from the civil service list after the trend to issue unified financial regulations for universities commensurate with its mission of linking development with qualified cadres and scientific research.

He said that the characteristics of the regulation that some faculties have investment activities and the regulations in these activities should not contradict the unified academic regulations of higher education institutions.

He pointed out that this regulation distinguishes teaching staff from their counterparts in the civil service and is a push for the development of higher education and the establishment of privacy on the same as sovereign institutions.

He pointed out that the regulation passed by the Council of Higher Education of Universities for further consultation, which it ensures that any member, at his request and for compelling reasons, is entitled to leave without pay for five years, provided that this does not interfere with the work requirements and does not affect the performance of the concerned institution.

Indicating that it is not permissible to continue the leave without pay with leave accompanying the spouse on a study leave or secondment only after the lapse of half of the leave period.