The Faculty of Business Studies holds an Academic Workshop on Technical Diplomas

The Faculty of Business Studies holds an Academic Workshop on Technical Diplomas

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi Mohd El-Sanousi, said that the technical diploma programmes are important programmes in the continuity of the various educational services that the University is considered to be as a pride and prestige, and the implementation of its philosophy in the service of society.

This came during his speech on the academic workshop for the proposed programmes of technical diploma which took place at Al-Shuhada Hall in Al-Nisheishiba Campus, and which attended by the Principal of the University, Dr. Malik Al-Naeem, the two Deans of Faculties of Economics and Business Studies, Secretary of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, representatives of banks in Gezira State, heads of departments and many professors at the Faculty of Business Studies.

Prof. El-Sanousi, appreciated the efforts that exerted in the preparation of technical diploma programmes, pointing out that it represents a professional development in the first place, expressing his pride in the relations between the academic edifice and work fields.

While the Principal of the University, Dr. Malik Al-Naeem, stressed the importance of diploma programmes as an investment that contributes to the educational process, especially that University of Gezira is spread throughout the State. He expressed his appreciation to Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Ali for his rich experience in preparing programmes and intermediate diplomas.

The Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Adel Daifallah Amin, praised the method of preparation of programmes and he said that it was excellent which met all the requirements.

The Dean of Faculty of Business Studies, Dr. Hassan Musa Issa, stressed that the diploma programmes came as a complement for the system of academic fields in the faculties of the economics and social sector. Adding to that the habilitation of technical intermediate cadres who are qualified scientifically and practically to contribute to raising the efficiency of financial performance of public and private sector institutions. Noting that the Faculty has adopted an intact scientific approach to prepare these proposals for the technical diploma in the field of (accounting information systems marketing and sales secretarial, library management and insurance).

It should be noted that the technical programmes contribute to the provision of opportunities for the educational balance to meet the requirements for admission to obtain advanced studies in diploma. In addition to expanding the base of academic programmes at the level of technical diploma in many fields of professions, to achieving the philosophy of the University.

The workshop discussed the proposal of the diplomas at a wide range to pave the way for submission to the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs for approval and placement in the Ministry of Higher Education and the University Senate. It is expected that the work will start next year.