Dr. Malik Al-Naim Inaugurates a dedicated Agricultural Machinery for Horticultural Exports

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The vice challencor of university of Gezira acting Dr. Malik Al-Naim, inaugurated this morning at the buildings of the institute of Horticultural Exports at the university campus in El- Nishishiba, the Tractor brand (Tavi”) and its accessories (khalkhal Plough) as a gift from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture valued at 450 thousand Sudanese pounds with the attendance of the dean of the institute and the employees in it. Dr. Malik stressed that the tractor is a real addition to the Institute in the field of preparation of Agricultural land and it is empowerment to carry out research and scientific experiments and committed ┬áto provide the remaining Tractor accessories to contribute to the promotion of Horticultural Exports field. Dr. Abdul Aziz explained that the work of gardener includes three research farms specialized in the field of Bananas, Citrus, Vegetables and Aromatic plants, pointing out that the coming period will witness more efforts to improve the exports, explaining that the tractor forms a greater importance in the coming period, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and its distinguished role in supporting the Institute to develop the research aspect and improve exports.