Faculty of Community celebrates the Graduation of 41 of Fares Al-Kitab’s Learners

Faculty of Community celebrates the Graduation of 41 of Fares Al-Kitab’s Learners

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The Faculty of Community, celebrated the graduation of 41 learners of the batch 14, at El-Musalamia branch, under the motto: (Fares Al-Kitab (Knight of the Book) is a beacon of Science and Development for Rural Women).

The course, which was supervised by the Governor of Locality of Hasahisa, and which sponsored by the Vice Chancellor of University of Gezira in cooperation with the People Committee, named after the late Al-Khalifa Mohamed Al-Haj Mustafa, the late Fatima Hamza Fares, and the late Aisha Mohamed Ahmed Fares. The celebration was witnessed by the Head of Administrative Unit at El-Musalamia, General Director of the Ministry of Health Uz. Widad Yousef, and the Member of the Legislative Council, Uz. Ahmed Masad, beside representatives of State prisons, and security and justice agencies, Heads of faculty branches, and the Faculty learners in Al-Marwa, Katirja neighbourhood.

The University participated in the celebration with a large delegation, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Adel Daifallah, Representative of the University Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Radwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed, Chairman of the Workers’ Union Sub-Committee, Dr. Omar Abu Shala, Police Captain, Head of University Insurance Police, Anas Arafa, representative of the Director of Human Resources Department, Uz. Dafallah Al-Ameen, and representative of the Director of Media and Public Relations Uz. Musa Abdul Hadi Abdullah.

The representative of the students, Mai Dafallah Ahmed, expressed her happiness to reap the benefits of six months of continuous effort from the Faculty of Community. She added that the faculty was established for a purpose to create developing and pioneering societies which can contributed in raising the nation and creating new horizons for families that did not have enough income to meet their needs. She pointed out that the Faculty of Community has chosen the family, particularly the women, she pledged that the science which received by the learners through this course is a true beginning of continuous creativity. However, she asked for this to be started with the support of officials through the establishment of an operator to improve skills, and she stressed the readiness of all learners to provide a major and useful help to their sisters of women. While the Chairman of People Committee, Uz. Hassan Ahmed Al-Haj, mentioned a number of contributions of the citizens of the region to the promotion of development, services and agriculture, and health, but he stressed the need to link the region by asphalt road to facilitate the movement and attracted more ways of renaissance and development, the Head of the El-Musalamia branch Uz. Abdulrahman Mohammed Abu Hiss, described the role of the Faculty of Community as a kind of community development. He said: “In this Faculty, we lead the real development for the neglected women in the countryside”, He stressed that the real link to rural women comes through the faculties of community, he added, “Development of Women” was one of the concerns of the United Nations.



Abu Hiss, noted that Al-Hasahisa is the home of Faculty of Community branches, in the areas of El-Musalamia, El-Frejab, El-Taboub, Abu Gota, and El-hadaheed, noting that El-Musalamia branch, which was established in 2005 with the establishment of the Faculty, has achieved 14 courses, 700 learners had been qualified thereon, each one of them leading a family towards new social and economic horizons.

The Head of the Branch, stressed that this outstanding training course, had found a great response, it received self-funding from learners and People Committee. He added: The Faculty of Community has penetrated the countryside, aroused it, and encouraged it to work for the benefit of the citizen.

The Dean of the Faculty of Community, Dr. Al-Tayeb Makki Al-Jilani, considered that graduation of Fares Al-Kitab, was an exceptional event of excellence, solidarity, and compassion. He said the Faculty was in dire need of entering this area. He praised the unique level of learners’ exhibitions and the components that embodied the acquired skills in the handicrafts, health, nutrition and religion.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Rodwan Ahmed, stressed that the development of society and the openness to the countryside is a strategic goal which adopted by the University, and sought to achieve through the Faculty of Community, which has formed a presence in these remote areas and penetrated within the fold for the advancement of women as a segment that representing the whole society. He pointed out that the efforts led by the Faculty of Community resulted it to gain the international awards, which confirms the high societal value. He considered that the celebration represents a great outlet for the University by going out to the remote countryside, there are more than 155 trainers in the State to provide educational services on the side of facilitating worships, health service, food industry, aesthetics, an approach to push families towards production. He pointed out that the Faculty of Community has seen prospects other than women, stressing that Fares El-Kitab proved its great social return, He expressed his readiness to implement the programs that offered in cooperation with the University Administration and promised to provide microfinance for 10 learners.

The ceremony was attended by the General Director of the Ministry of Health of State of Gezira Uz. Widad Yousef, pointing to the strong partnership between the ministry and the University in various fields, based on the philosophy of the University’s adoption of community issues. She said: “We’re preparing documents for this partnership based on defining roles”. And stressed that they in the Ministry are the largest beneficiaries of the openness of the University to society. She explained that health means enhanced aspects of avoiding disease before it occurs, which is adopted by the Faculty of Community and the University of Gezira, by raising the culture of citizens and society across the women. She also said: “Faculty of Community represents health in its comprehensive concept”, from the knowledge of health, nutrition, economics, and spiritual aspects. She reiterated that Faculty of Community represented health as a whole. And revealed the ongoing efforts at the federal level to rehabilitate the health service facilities in the region and to provide it with equipment. She pointed out that the ruled social customs of Kanabi (slums) communities prevent the presence of midwives in these areas, pointing to the near completion of the health map in terms of the number of midwives, paramedics and assistants.



Representative of the University of Gezira Dr. Adel Daifallah, considered what he saw at Fares El-Kitab area. Something “hard to describe,” praising the great excellence of the exhibitions of learners and said it “heart-warming” and added: ” If this is the outcome of the training courses, it is a great work that deserves commendations. He said that the process of teaching and scientific research takes place through 23 faculties, 9 institutes and 40 at University of Gezira, While the Faculty of Community is unique to the community service, He expressed the readiness of the University Administration to provide all forms of support to the following midwives, based on the existing partnership with the Ministry of Health in the Safe Motherhood and Childhood Initiative. The graduation program batch 14 of El-Musalamia branch at Fares El-Kitab area, Al-Hasahisa district, has witnessed special performances by the children of the region, beside to the opening of exhibitions of learners that found praise from participants in the Carnival of Graduation.