Director of the National Project for Animal Production and Gardener: University of Gezira is one of the Best Partners in all Projects

Director of the National Project for Animal Production and Gardener: University of Gezira is one of the Best Partners in all Projects

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The Administration of University of Gezira discussed aspects of joint cooperation with the national project for animal production and gardener in various fields.

Dr. Kamal Abdullah Mohammed Tom, project manager during the joint meeting which was held in the Martyrs Hall in Neshishiba, that the project, which was established by a presidential decree aimed at importing imports and maximizing exports.

He revealed the entering of six axes of animal and plant production, and establishment of dairy farms and factories, and calves’ fattening plants next to slaughterhouses and associated activities such as seed production in addition to the production of broiler chickens and eggs.


He pointed out that the project focuses on the aspect of plant production on the wheat crop to achieve self-sufficiency by 2022 and reach a productivity of 2.5 tons per feddan, this is in addition to the production of green fodder for self-sufficiency and export, In addition, horticulture projects and the expansion of their agricultural land for export.


Dr. Kamal announced that the implementation of projects ongoing training programs in the field of animal production and the trend to establish an institute for Institute of sperm and embryo transfer, and ┬áraising productivity through agricultural projects through continuous training projects in cooperation with research institutions. He described the State’s approach to financing productive projects in Al-Rashid. Indicating that these projects are transferred to the private sectors with the commitment to transfer of biotechnologies, and the import of high-yielding breeds. He pointed to the possibility of being guided by the experience of the project with the University of Khartoum in the aspect of training in the field of gardening and animal production and the search for funding for the project Grapefruit and Lemon, Revealing the establishment of a company to ensure the continuity of wheat production, and then the expansion of other crops. He stressed their readiness in the field of horticulture to establish farms, stressing the possibility of the university to be an authentic center to support productive projects and provide advice on this, reiterating that the University of Gezira of the best partners in all projects.

The meeting, chaired by Professor Warraq, was attended by the Vice Chancellor of Dongola University, Deputy of the Vice Chancellor and the principle of the university. A number of university figures, officials of the Investment Department, and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and The Institute for the Development of Horticultural Exports, and the College of Animal Production, signed a joint cooperation agreement that would give the proposed projects broad strides forward.