Prof. Abu Kishwa: We Stand up in Appreciation and Gratitude for an Extraordinary Man

Prof. Abu Kishwa: We Stand up in Appreciation and Gratitude for an Extraordinary Man

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Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Deputy Prime Minister, Prof. Sumaya Abu Kishwa, expressed her pride in the initiative which led by the Media Network for Knowledge Communication to honor the former Vice Chancellor of University of Gezira, Prof. Ismael Hassan Hussein, who he considered among the ones who enriched the scientific arena with unique deeds and achievements which worth to be written by golden water. Prof. Kishwa, described this majestic scene, which is attended by leaders of science and knowledge, and she said; “we stand up in appreciation and gratitude for this extraordinary man who marked by kindness and moderation. She added: “Today, we are witnessing with Prof. Ismail, the launch of the film (Good Man), which carries the symbolism of reason, wisdom and stretching bridges between people in order to meet in pleasure and happiness”. She added: “The film tells about a man prepared by God to do good and walk in the right path”.

She pointed out that the purpose of this attending is to celebrate the pioneer Professor, who is reached a position that makes him a model to be followed, each person wishes to obtain his status, or to be close to him.

She continued: “He is a symbol to the prestige, power of determination, will, stamina and patience, restless pursuit to acquire knowledge and abilities, and to sacrifice of many pleasures and comfort for others”. Prof. Kishwa, mentioned that; all that the teacher needs to elevate him/herself to the rank of prophets is a living conscience, a loving heart, and an ethic in the work, all of which have been made available to Prof. Ismael Hassan Hussein, throughout his career, which deserves his hospitality and gratitude. And she stressed that he was concluded his trust and fulfilled the mission, he left fingerprints of achievements which witnessed by his students and colleagues, where these certificates will remain in his honor and dignity crowned his life.

Prof. Kishwa, said: “It is our great hope that you will accept this modest Honouring Ceremony, which is rich in its symbolism and its significance. It is a token of love, loyalty”.