The Convening of the Periodic Council of Deans No. 8/2017

The Convening of the Periodic Council of Deans No. 8/2017

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The Council of Deans in its periodic meeting, No. (8/2017), at Al-Shohada Hall, in the University City – Nisheishiba, under the chairmanship of the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mohammed Warrag Omar, congratulated the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Salah al-Deen Al-Arabi, on the occasion of his promotion to the degree of Professor and the rest of the lecturers who have been promoted, wishing them further progress in the scientific degrees. Prof. Warrag pointed out at the possibility of establishing Model University Schools for the both basic and secondary level, kindergartens and nurseries. He valuated the proposed formation of the Council of Trustees (Curators),calling for the establishment of a mechanism to follow up the university projects. The report of the Vice Chancellor, included a number of activities, including a consulting meeting with the Medicine students of the batch 15th of the University of Gezira, which adopted the establishment of a hall at the Faculty, in addition to the consulting meeting about the future projects to be adopted by this batch and other batches, besides attending at the launching of the first package of series of a book of Sennar the Capital of Islamic Culture, to meet with the Secretary of the Student Welfare Fund in the Gezira State. Participating in the meeting of the Forum of Directors of the Universities of the Islamic World, which held in Turkey.

The Principal of the University, Dr. Malik Al-Naeem Mohammed Ali, reviewed a detailed report on administrative affairs, referring to the publications related to the administrative side of the University as well as the financial affairs.

The Director of Informatics Administration, Dr Maha Ebaid, pointed out that according to the report of the administration about classification of the Sudanese universities via google scholar and the number of those who were enrolled (signed) in it from the University of Gezira, were reached up to 38 professor, in addition to the classification of the Web Matrix for the year 2017, and they granted the third rank, as well as the using of the internet and the total consumption of the internet capacity, and the supplemental services on the website, the statement included the promotion, the service of promotion record, and a number of activities on the University Gate.

The Dean of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, Prof. Omar Arabi, pointed out through the report of the secretariat at the organizing of the Higher Education and Scientific Research of the approval of the bachelor program (honours) in the Faculty of Education in the specialization of Arabic Language for non-native speakers, at Hantoub. He also discussed the enrolling of the Midwifery Diploma and Medical Assistant in the Admission Guidebook for the year 2017-2018. Besides the report of the National Council of Higher Education to stop admission to the diploma program in economics and banking studies, he mentioned that the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs at the University of Gezira has announced the procedures of interview and registration for the bachelor and technical diploma will be on the fifteenth of next October and to begin on Sunday, 22 October 2017. He also discussed the proposal to modify the academic calendar of the batch 40th, which it will start on the 15th to the 18th of October, while the study will begin on the seventeenth of January 2018. The meeting also discussed the reports of the Faculty of Graduate Studies which included admissions and registration for graduate students and the report of the Higher Studies Committee in the faculties and institutes. As for the report of the Deanship of Scientific Research, it discussed and developed scientific journals and research programs. The Council also discussed a number of reports from the Library deanship, the Student Affairs report and the National Student Welfare Fund report.