Prof. Warraq: the Initiative of the Students of Medicine batch (15), expresses the Sincerity of Intentions

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The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohamed Warraq Omar, appreciated the efforts of the students of Medicine batch (15) in the construction of study halls at Al- Razi Campus, and their unprecedented initiative in adopting outstanding students, and to attract support from all the university graduates. Which reflects the sincerity of the intentions towards this ancient institution. This came during the meeting in his office with the Medicine representatives of the batch (15), pointing out that the role of the graduate is a real addition to the requirements of the development which looked forward by the university until 2025. The representative of the batch said that the idea of the project was launched through the WhatsApp to implement the endowment projects for the spirit of a number of deceased persons from the batch. Stressing their readiness to support the university in the implementation of its project in the development of the university.