The Council of Senate sends spiritual condolence upon the soul of the former Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Abdullah Mohammed Abdul

In its periodic meeting No. 218, which held in the International Conference Hall at Al-Razi Campus, the University of Gezira Senate Council which headed by the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, sent its condolence upon the … Continued

Dean of Students’ Affairs celebrates the Eid al-Fitr with the Employees of Fadasi, Al-Hasahisa and Al Kamlin

The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmed Gasim al-Seed celebrated Eid al-Fitr to the family of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Al Kamlin. He congratulated the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gezira for its accreditation which … Continued

Secretary of Scientific Affairs: Renovation of Laboratories within the Priorities of the Administration of University of Gezira

The Secretary of Scientific Affairs at University of Gezira, Dr. Adel Daifallah, said that the renovation of the faculties’ laboratories is one of the priorities of the University administration, and that includes completing all the deficiencies. Dr. Daifallah expressed his … Continued

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