Welcome Message from the organizing committee

Distinguished guests and participants of: ” Gezira first International Family and Community Medicine conference”. It is our great honor to welcome you all to the beautiful town of Wad Medani, Capital of the Gezira state & to the University of Gezira, Founder of Innovative Medical Education in Sudan, Africa & the Arab world.

On behalf of the organizing committee we would like to express our warmest welcome to the Family and Community Medicine and global health Experts from Belgium, Saudi Arabia, UK, Jordan, Nigeria, Qatar and South Africa, who came all the way at the expense of their precious time and cost of travel. It is worth sharing our experiences in education, practice and research in the field of Family and Community Medicine with our colleagues in Sudan and with the respectful guests from abroad, addressing the importance of partnership and integration in planning, implementation and evaluating our curriculum and programmes.

Following the philosophy and mission of the University of Gezira, we selected theme for this 1st conference: “partnership and integration towards comprehensive health care for families and communities”. We look forward to working together during these three days to exchange new ideas, engage in useful discussion and share knowledge and experience.

Hopefully the joint presence of U of G and MOH as well as the international experts will inspire us to work friendly and optimistically to achieve our conference goals.

We would like to express our thanks to all of you in attending this conference as well as those who contributed to its planning and organization. We are also very grateful for the support of the Gezira State governor and all sponsors such as, Elhikma and many other institutes and companies who supported this conference. Also we welcome other ministers, Legislative Council, deans of other faculties and all participants attending this conference

At last thanks, to all members of the conference committees, including the faculty’s students, UOG & MOH Directorates that supported the committees, the media, Director of Culture Palace, all who will organize social gatherings.

We wish you successful days enjoying the Sudanese culture and hospitality at the Blue Nile river bank in Wad Medani.

Chairpersons of the organizing Committee