• Matie Obazee. ARP,WONVA.

    Dear Salwa,
    I hope all is going on well at the Conference. I miss you all.Extend my regards to all participants.

  • الإخوة والأخوات الأعزاء
    كم سعدت بلقائي بكم في رحاب ود مدني بالجزيرة الأسبوع الماض . أحسست أني بين أهلي وعشيرتي . أسأل الله أن يديم بيننا المودة , وأن يقدرنا على أن نرتفع معا يدا بيد بمستوى تعليم وتدريب وعمل طب الأسرة والمجتمع . ولكم مني أطيب التحية والود.

  • Hope my email finds you will
    It was a great opportunity to participate in your excellent conference of Gazira University on family medicine , please allow me to thank you for the invitation and for the hospitality and WONCA is committed to provide any assistance in its capacity

    Inshallah see you in Dubai, and best regards as well to you and to Dr Ali and the all other colleagues

  • The conference was a great success . You have put a great effort to make it successful.Please convey my thanks to all.

  • It was a real pleasure to meet everyone in Gezira. May Allah (SWT) be with you.